Winter ... !

Von Winter ...

Twin Creek Ranch '08


Off-road: The real thing '07

Twin Creek Ranch, WY, USA.

Spending the weekend in Peckfitz '06

Peckfitz is a former NVA East German Military Training Ground.

Nissan 4x4 Challenge '05

I was selected as a participant for the Nissan 4x4 Challenge '05 in Scotland. What a blast!

Nissan 4x4 Challenge '05

A day in the mud '05, Karenz, Germany

Again, thanks to Offroad-Manufaktur, Hamburg.

2005-05-21 Offroad Karenz

A day in the mud '04, Karenz, Germany

Thanks to Offroad-Manufaktur, Hamburg.

Ausfahrt Karenz 2004-04-03